Review + Giveaway!–My Gym @ Buona Vista

And we concluded our term of 10 weeks lessons at My Gym @ Buona Vista. Read about our first review here.

Eizac was super thrilled to receive his Certificate of Excellence! He witnessed a few kids receiving it before and it’s finally his turn. Smile


We had such a good time every week at My Gym (Buona Vista) that he was still asking for more lessons after it ended. In all honesty, if we are not staying further away, I would have signed up another term for him. Here’s sharing some of the activities that left a deeper impression on him/me:

1) Objects Learning

Being given an object and allowed to fiddle, throw and even smash it (at times); all these piqued his curiosity and allowed room for creativity.

Object learning: Ring
Object Learning: Rubbery ball

2) Gymnastics moves

This is more of my favourite than Eizac’s. He is a little apprehensive of the various gymnastic moves and exercises introduced. But he gamely became a volunteer when called upon by the teachers. The various exercises such as forward roll, balancing beam, backward flip on a bar and etc; these help to strengthen core muscles. The teachers will normally highlight which muscles are being worked on and what parents can try with their children back home.



3) The thrill rides!

There are always some surprises every week! It is never boring at My Gym. Eizac looked forward to the different set ups of the gym every week and sometimes they have thrill rides for the kids!

One week, we had a ‘superman dive’ into a ball pool and another week he had a spin ride on a swing. And the last week, all the kids went on a choo choo train! The hardworking teachers did their very best to give a fun experience to all the children. From my experience, the teachers in an enrichment class or a childcare centre/kindy can make or break the learning experiences for the young ones. I am grateful to the committed and chirpy teachers at My Gym (Buona Vista) for making it an enriching and enjoyable session every week. You need loads of energy for that!



During our term, I had the privilege to have a chat with the lady in charge of My Gym Bouna Vista – Janice. I learnt a touching story on why she decided to set up My Gym Buona Vista. Here is a short email interview of her sharing:

Q: Why did you decide to set up My Gym Buona Vista?

A: My 6 year old son has joined My Gym since he was 2 years old. He has delayed developmental issues and was frequently teased by his peers. He was even rejected by teachers in main stream schools. I’ve seen how My Gym program has helped him developed physically, cognitively and emotionally. My heart goes out to help children with difficulties. Henceforth, my husband and I decided to take up My Gym franchise. Besides working with well-functioned children, we accept special needs children, giving them an opportunity to socialize in a group setting as well as providing early intervention for them and working on their self-confidence.

Q: What are the unique points about My Gym Buona Vista that differentiate it from other providers?

A: Besides our award-winning program, we are very particular about the quality of our teachers. They are well-trained, passionate and patient with children. We emphasize on small student-to-teacher ratio to provide individual attention and positive reinforcement. We teach our children on accepting everyone’s differences and encouraging one another using kind words. Most importantly, we accept children with special needs. Parents are often very appreciative of us giving their children a chance. Our teachers are trained in special needs and early childhood.

I am really impressed with the quality of teachers at My Gym Buona Vista. The passion, love, energy and commitment is admirable. It is a well known fact that it is not easy to hire good early childhood teachers these days. If you are looking for a wholesome and energetic program for your child, I do recommend My Gym @ Buona Vista.

If you are looking for June/Summer holiday programs, do give them a call at 6684 9220 for more details. My Gym @ Buona Vista is located at 35 Rochester Drive, #03-24/25/26 Rochester Mall.

With some of the friendly teachers at the last day of our lesson. Eizac drew them a thank you card! Smile

And here is a chance to win a 1 month program with My Gym @ Buona Vista!

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This giveaway will end on 20th June 2359hours. It is open to the parents with children from age 4 months to 13 years old. Lessons will be held at My Gym @ Buona Vista only.

Winner will be randomly picked and decision is final. Winner’s details will be passed to My Gym @ Buona Vista for liaison purposes.

Updated on 23rd June 2016: Winner of this giveaway is ….. Kristie Wong!:) You will be contacted by My Gym @ Buona Vista for more details! Congratulations! 

N.B: This review is written as part of an experience of lessons at My Gym Buona Vista. No further compensation had been received.

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Janod Wooden Toys Review (with My Miracle Baby)

Product Review

If you are a wooden toys fan, you might have come across this French brand – Janod. It is founded by a French who focused on wooden games and toys.

If you are tired of electronic toys for your children, back-to-basic wooden toys with new creative designs might be good options. In the past, wooden toys are thought to be bland and boring compared to their brightly-colored and music-blaring counterparts. These days, well advised parents came to realised quality wood-feel toys are less jarring and stimulate creativity with a more wholesome approach. Perhaps this is influenced by the growth of Montessori teaching methods too .

My Miracle Baby – an online distribution website – carries Janod products as they pride themselves in selecting high quality goods for their customers. They kindly sent over some Janod toys for my 2 boys for reviews. These are some honest opinions on the 3 toys we received:

1) Janod – Redmaster Magnetic DIY Trolley (S$149)

This is a walking trolley which rolls on wheels and comes equipped with 21 accessories including 3 magnetic tools and a set of gears. Designed in France, it is recommended for 1-4 years old.

This is my sons’ favourite.

It comes in loose pieces and an adult’s help is needed to assemble them
All hands on the deck; especially Daddy’s hands. Eizac needs his yellow construction safety hat to work. Xi En is our foreman Open-mouthed smile
The finished product
Gears, screws and nuts on top of the push trolley
Magnetic tools in front and my happy engineers are ready to go! Smile

Verdict: Both my boys enjoyed this toy especially Eizac as he is 3+ years old and at the age where he loves dress-up and pretend-play. Personally, I find the whole trolley a little heavy and takes up space in our limited play area. My 2 reckless boys ramped it through my legs a few times when they got overly excited! Also, watch out for them trying to hammer or screw your walls/TV/windows! Otherwise, the quality is very well made and sturdy to last a few generations. Open-mouthed smile

2) Janod – Magnetic World Puzzle English Version (S$129)

This is a huge magnetic board with many magnetic puzzle pieces that made up the world map. There are continents, countries and animals to identify. It is great for older children to learn some geography and the younger ones to practise their fine motor skills.

Janod Magnetic World Map from Greenland to Antarctic
Xi En enjoyed identifying the various countries and continents.

Verdict: This is my favourite as I am attracted by the educational value and the intricate little details of the puzzle pieces. Eizac lost patience after a few minutes of putting the puzzle together. Xi En was more conscientious in learning while playing. This will be a good present for older children who are 4 to 7 years old. Note that the board is really heavy. It is probably more ideal to nail or stick it to the wall but I found some pieces dropping off easily; possibly the magnetic strength weakening over time. The map didn’t stick well to the board either but we solved that easily with superglue. Open-mouthed smile

3) Janod – Body Magnet (S$59.90)

This is a magnetic board with body cards and 76 magnetic body parts for young ones to explore the muscular, skeletal, organs system and the basic body parts. There are cards with 9 different languages and a pointer stick for you to play teacher.

Janod Body Magnet
4 English cards (Muscles, Organs, Skeletal and Basic Body Parts) are provided together with 8 other different languages if you understand French, Italian and other European languages.
Eizac following the pictorial guide to piece the body parts together.
Xi En preferred mix-and-match.
This is one intense work.

Verdict: I liked the educational value of this toy. Eizac enjoyed the jigsaw puzzling part of this toy. He could piece together all the 76 pieces without much help. However, I find the other language cards quite useless since we don’t know any other European languages. Clearly, this is a product designed for sale in Europe as there aren’t any Mandarin nor other Asian languages in the other cards. Nonetheless, quality is well made.

Overall review: As a mummy of 2, I came to realise wooden toys are really lasting and can withstand hard knocks from rough handling. Wooden toys are more rustic and give the young ones a more grounded approach to toys. It is a bonus that toy markers made them with educational values these days. But because they are made to last, wooden toys are so heavy too! I find it difficult to store them properly. But if you have space for a few pieces of good quality wooden toys, you might like to try out Janod selections. Prices are not cheap given that the designs originate from France, but I like their vast variety of old-school-new-creativity products. The jigsaw puzzles and train sets look good too!

Good news: If you are keen to buy a Janod wooden toy for your child or as a present, here’s a special 15% discount promo code to share for all Janod products for the month of May. Simply enter “15%-EM” at the check out; this is effective till 31st May 2016. Janod’s selections on My Miracle Child can be found here:

My Miracle Baby distributes and sells products which have been specially curated to cater to new parents and their babies. You will find brands here which are not commonly found in the mainstream shops. Have a look through the brands they carry and support local enterprise if you can. Smile They cater more for pregnant mummies, new borns to toddlers.

Brands Page

BMP brand logoBellyBuds brand logoComfi brand logoErgo Pouch brand logoFedora brand logoGaksimil

Janod brand logoKaloo brand logoSwaddle brand logoScoot n pullSwimava brand logoUpspring brand logoTrumpette brand logo

Giveaway Time

My Miracle Baby is kindly sponsoring 5 pieces of Janod – I Wood Stackable Turtles for 5 winners. These adorable turtles have 3 interlocking pieces each to learn about shapes and colors. They are made of wood and painted using water-based paints. Dimensions: 20.5 cm X 20.5 cm X 5 cm. Suitable for kids from 18 months onwards.


Here’s how you can win one of the above:

1) Show us some support by “Liking” this blog’s Facebook Page – Evespiration – if you have not already done so. Thank you.

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All the best!

Terms and Conditions:

1) Winners will be picked randomly. If a winner didn’t response to my private message by 48 hours, another winner will be picked.

2) Colors of turtles will be given randomly.

3) This giveaway is only open to residents with a Singapore address.

4) Giveaway ends on 24th May 2016, 2359hrs. Results will be updated on this blog post.

Updated on 26th May 2016

Winners for this giveaway have been picked randomly from FB and IG comments and they are:

  1. growingwiththetans
  2. takenotakenoko
  3. weeqiweeqi
  4. cayleechan
  5. Jaslyn Chong

Congratulations! You have won for your little one a Janod wooden turtle! I will be sending you a private message or an email. Please kindly response within 48 hours.

Thank you for supporting the giveaway and for reading!:)

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Splash @ Kidz Amaze (Punggol SAFRA)

Media Invite

I am so in love with this place! And my kids too!

Spanning 24,000 square feet, Splash @ Kidz Amaze is the new way to have water play theme parks in Singapore! In hot and humid Singapore, the best way to have water play is under shelter – not that I don’t like the sun; it’s just easier not to have the glaring and scorching sun in your eyes and face. We tried water playgrounds in the evening to night hours, but it normally gets a little chilly with gusts of wind.

That’s that main reason why I like Splash @ Kidz Amaze located at Punggol SAFRA:

1) Sheltered Indoor Water Playground.

The very first indoor water playground in Singapore. You can play here in rain and shine condition without harsh natural elements. Having said that, it is not devoid of natural sunlight. Parts of the architecture allows sunlight to peek through. This place is themed the “Enchanted Deep Sea”, so you will see many “sea creatures” dotting the playground.

Night view verse Day view:



And here are 4 other reasons why you should check this place out at least once:

2) Shallow waters

At just 0.3M deep waters, it is designed for toddlers from 18 months to tweens of 13 years old. For those who are afraid of deep waters, this builds water confidence as most children can waddle through the waters without worries of the water levels reaching uncomfortable zones.

Both my sons cannot swim yet. In particular Xi En has some water phobia since young and he never quite enjoyed water playgrounds. I was surprised that he took to this place very well and the key reason is because he can comfortably waddle through the shallow waters.

There are safety crews in bright yellow T-shirts around the whole water playground.

The middle zone of the single volume toddlers play area is also equipped with heating elements which can keep the water warm as night falls.

The single volume play zone with different water play structures to thrill the younger crowd

Night view – less crowd!
Xi En enjoyed all these water play jets.

3) Different play zones

Older children tend to be more boisterous when they play. I am glad there are “quiet” areas at the sides and the toddlers-suited zone for the really young ones. For some reasons, Eizac isn’t liking water playgrounds lately. He is good just to sit out at the side-lines and watch the rest play.


There is a single volume area for the 18 to 36 months toddlers and a triple volume area for 6 years and above (including adults!) – which is great as it caters to different age groups.

Xi En tried out the middle green slide. As he can’t swim, he still preferred that one of us is with him. This is a broad slide which most children will go and up umpteen times; the busiest slide. Open-mouthed smile


There are 2 other taller slides (with enclosed spiralling tunnels) which the older ones will be excited over. I have yet to try them but accordingly to the Daddy and Xi En who gamely took to the 2nd highest slide, they are dark and “a little scary” but very FUN! hahaa.. that’s the thrill I supposed.

A blurred shot of Xi En emerging from one of the enclosed high slides. This boy enjoys thrilling rides.

There is also an interactive projector which sends ripples across the projected images with motions. This will be fun for the younger ones.


4) Hot Water in the Bathroom!

There are just 2 toilets/bathrooms – male and female. But they are spacious and clean. The lockers are located within the toilets so it’s convenient to pick items up when you need them during showers.

I like the small cubicles for the children and the dual top/bottom closure swing doors if you need to supervise them. Most importantly there is warm water for showering and liquid soap is provided too. How convenient. Open-mouthed smile





5) Party Rooms

There are 3 different themed party rooms located within Splash @ Kidz Amaze – Pirate’s Cave, Penguin’s Paradise and Under The Sea. They are at the perimeter of the toddlers splash zone. There are plenty of seats around and bright coloured wall papers. This is a different type of party venue which allows guest to zip in and out at Splash and rest/eat at the party rooms. If you are looking for a party venue, prices start from $430 for 3 hours usage of party room with entry to Splash, without food catering. More details here.

However, note that the aircon can get really chilly when your kids just stepped out of the pool. Get ready with towels or swim robes to avoid a chill. All the rooms have individual controlled AC remote controls but it takes a while for the room to warm up.


Tips and notes to enjoy this place

1) Go during off peak hours (if possible). First you save on cheaper entrance fee. Second, it is less crowded. Note that there is a maximum capacity of 400 per play hours. Play hours are in blocks of 4 hours. 10am to 2pm; 2pm to 6pm; 5pm to 9pm. However, these are subject to changes from time to time. To avoid disappointment, it is best to arrive early to book a time slot.

I will recommend going at 5pm to 9pm as that is the time from sunset to dark. The lightings here will change at night and there might even be some nice music to add to the mystical hour. Or early in the morning to avoid the crowd.

2) No food are allowed beyond the party rooms. In other words, eat before coming and play your fullest before looking for food outside. No re-entry is allowed.

3) There are limited benches around the play area. So try to bring less items and use water-proof bags and have someone watch your over if you don’t intend to place your stuff in the lockers.

4) Wear goggles. If you having children who don’t like water in their eyes, try giving them goggles. For Xi En, it worked well so he didn’t need to keep brushing away water from his eyes – which he dislikes.

5) Children are required to wear swim gears. For adults, Dri-Fit clothing are acceptable. I find it more comfortable wearing a tank top/Dri-Fit over my swim wear.

Details on entry fee as below.

Splash entry fee

Splash 1

Check out our previous review on some outlets at Punggol SAFRA too.

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