12 days and counting

Just came back from KKH after a quick visit to the step-down unit of NICU. Ethen got the green light from the doctors to “graduate” from NICU. The step down unit is as its’ name suggests – a lower dependency unit. We were so happy to receive the phone call from the nurses in the morning informing us of the update. 🙂


Update of Ethen’s progress thus far:

  • Started from 3ml feed/2hrs to 12ml feed/2hrs today (read: He love food like his mummy!)
  • Currently breathing well on his own without dependency on any more ventilator; breathe breathe – small and cute button nose! 🙂
  • He has 2 last drips – vitamins + fats (to help him gain weight) and caffeine (to aid his lungs development)
  • Birth weight is 1.27kg and current weight is 1.46kg. Once he reaches 1.5kg to 1.7kg, he will be able to move out of his “house” aka the incubator and transfer to the special care unit (SCN).
  • Last but not least – he had been peeling open his adorable eyes and flashing some smiles for these 2 big faces peeking down at him! 🙂 So cute lah!



visiting xi en 



Xi En hand and feet

7 thoughts on “12 days and counting

  1. its exciting to read about Xi-en’s great progress and improvement…. =) Every little step is a great milestone and both gerald and me are so thrilled for your entire family!


  2. Hey Buddy and Evelyn,

    Sooo happy for you guys and Ethen. Can’t wait to see him! Heroic parents and miracle baby…. A real life fairy tale!


  3. post some pics of that lovely smile you were talking about leh. 🙂
    so happy that Xi En is growing stronger day by day. 🙂



  4. hey evelyn!

    great to hear that baby is doing fine! cant wait to see him! 🙂 reading some of ur postings really overwhelmed me and truly, we serve an amazing and sovereign God. lotsa love! 🙂


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