And He had a GREAT fall …..

Xi En had his first fall (and hopefully last!!) a few days back. And it was largely my fault! Sigh… I wanted to rest on our cushiony big king size bed and so decided to let Xi En have his afternoon nap beside me. I woke up earlier and left the room with pillows and bolsters surrounding him as we had always done so.

Lo and behold, when we let down our guards, that’s when the accident happened! Mum, Kim and I were all in the living room and we heard a loud cry quite unlike his usual cry. I ran into our bedroom and found Xi En face down on the floor!!!!! I scooped him up immediately and he was in the most pathetic, scared and in-shock look I have ever seen.


My hands were shivering and my heart was pounding 100 times faster than usual. I felt so terribly guilty that I had allowed him to sleep on our custom-made 3.5 feet high bed frame/mattress. God’s protection must have really been on Xi En. Save for the shock and an initial bump on his left head/face, he was ok. We believed that he must have “flew” down with the bolster when he woke up and started crawling towards the edge of the bed.


Never.. never again..I told myself that we are going to allow him to be alone on our bed. It was a bad scare and lesson learnt! So now.. We created a safer corner on the floor for Xi En to sleep:



We have probably changed Xi En sleeping’s location for at least X times ever since he came home from the hospital:


1) Big cot placed in the living room for naps

2) Petite bassinet/play pen next to our bed

3) In between us on a baby mattress when he was really tiny

4) Yao-Lan (baby rocker) – Xi En’s favourite! (And ours too – ‘cos it allows him to nap really really looongggg!)

5) Big cot moved next to our bed (Didn’t last too long ‘cos our baby is really tall and loves to roll around the bed)

6) Two mattresses placed on the floor – our safest bet for now. He has since outgrew the yao-lan when he learnt how to flip and kick himself out of the net!


For a while, we were thinking how we can wean him off the yaolan as he seemed too used to the rocking motion. But thankfully, he adapted quite well when we put him on the big mattresses. 🙂

Xi En has really grown taller and older – He is turning ONE tomorrow!!!!! It’s amazing how time really flies! 🙂

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