Mummies’ Talk

I was having a msn chat with a good friend – Juner – recently and out of that chat we discovered we shared common weird obsessions regarding our babies.



1) Iwannagohomeandsmellthebabies – That’s Juner’s msn liner and very often mine when I am out working. We share a common weakness for the smell of our babies! Yes, drool, poo, sweat and all. haaa… I also knew a Daddy who is also “addicted” to the smell of babies – that he goes around “stealing” the smell of babies whenever he sees one. We joked that we might need some rehabilitation here!


2) Swift-er ears – We pride ourselves as having swift/long ears which can pick up our babies’ smallest whimper from miles away. We like to think that mummies hear, smell, react and know best. hahha… some big female ego here.


3) Smelling the rosebud butt – I thought I was the only one who does this…. And then I found a like-minded person! We are the official “smell-er” at home. The one who is task to smell the little bottoms if they poo-ed. Weirdly, some amount of cheap achievement is derived out of ace-ing the correct “divination” when the poo is revealed. 😀


4) Observing the poo – That’s another fun thing to do! hahhaa … We love observing that lumpy, gluey, mushy stuff that appears on the diapers. To ascertain if that carrot, sweet corn or spinach had been successful digested! And if not, we will try to play sleuth to discover which suspects didn’t get digested.


 That were about all we managed to muse about within the short chat. 🙂 Till future chats and discoveries. 🙂 🙂


P.S: One of Xi En’s “in the act” – We are still struggling to get him to sit still on the potty!


poo poo

4 thoughts on “Mummies’ Talk

  1. So funny! It can only be Jun’er who can strike up such conversations! HAHAHA! Anyway, so sorry I couldnt make it for Xi’en’s 1st birthday party.. But HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to XI’EN! May he continue to grow healthy and strong and adorable with each and every day! :)))


    • Hi Jerb

      Yup – trust only Juner can maintain such conversations! No worries abt the birthday party – Guessed it must be tough for u to move around much these days. Thanks for Xi En’s birthday wishes. 🙂 u have a safe and smooth delivery to come! 🙂


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