Victor’s Kitchen

I had always wanted to try the dim sum at Victor’s Kitchen for the longest time. Heard that it is almost equivalent to what you will find in Hong Kong and the queue is always very long. We went there on a weekday and just before lunch so didn’t need to wait at all! And it is actually really quite yummy and you can find some dim sum which are not sold elsewhere!



Photos of the yummy food:


Glutinous rice – Highly Recommended! The rice is totally infused with the lotus leaves’ fragrance.

 Final photoIMG_1216


Prawn in Fried Beancurd Skin – Crispy and fresh with a nice appetising dip

  Final photoIMG_1221


Special Order – Veg and Century Egg Porridge (‘cos mum is a vegetarian) – Taste normal.

 Final photoIMG_1220


 Phoenix claws – One of my Favourite!

   Final photoIMG_1223



Chee Cheong Fun with prawns. Usual Suspect. Taste ok…

 Final photoIMG_1219



Cha Siew Pau with wine sauce. Ok… Not mind blowing.

 Final photoIMG_1224



Drinks – Stocking Milk Tea and Hot Ice Lemon Tea

  Final photoIMG_1225



Vegetables & Dry Scallops Dumpling – Nice change to usual chives dumplings.

  Final photoIMG_1222



A must order! Custard bun with salted egg yolk! – Super Yummy! A good mix of sweet and salty. Though I do prefer a runnier type of custard, but this is still good!

Final photoIMG_1227



Almond and milk pudding. Nice texture & taste!

 Final photoIMG_1228

Prices are reasonable as well. We spend a total of $38+ for 11 items; so an average of $3.50 per dish; which is fairly decent for the quality of food. Overall, this shop is worth many more visits!

Address as follow:

Victor’s Kitchen

91 Bencoolen Street

#01-21 Sunshine Plaza

Share with us your thoughts & comments! We love to hear them. :)

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