Week 32+ (at last)

Finally crossing over to the 3rd trimester of this 2nd pregnancy. It seemed forever! A great achievement for us all, I must say – considering that my first pregnancy with Xi En ended at 31 weeks.

Some updates after my last post on this pregnancy – We visited the obstetrician before Christmas and did a simple quick scan. Unfortunately the placenta seemed not to be budging from the cervix. It’s still pretty much where it was when it was first discovered. Well.. the good news is – I am still here with No. 2 kicking and squirming around.

It’s surreal to feel a life in you. This pregnancy is almost entirely different from my first one. With enough amniotic fluid to go around, No. 2 can swim and move around easier. During my No. 1,  Xi En had to be contented with being tucked in the right corner of my womb from Week 21 till 31. It was difficult to feel much movements then. It’s amazing how he survived the odds.

With No. 2, I am much more mobile than before. The pros are: I can do everyday things and continue life as per usual; save reducing work load and physical activities. The cons are: I am putting on much more weight as compared to No 1’s – catching up with hubby’s weight is no fun. I am feeling the weight of the 3rd trimester now; together with the back aches, frequent pee trips and totally uncomfortable sleeping positions.

But hey; I can’t be complaining. It’s a thankful feeling that I can feel a heavy No. 2 in me and so so comforted that he is holding out well thus far. It’s a nervous feeling of not being sure when he might start fighting for space with the placenta. The obstetrician did warned that once No. 2 starts turning and taking position for birth, there is a risk of his head putting pressure on the placenta (if it’s still in the same place as now).

I dare not over think the future now. Just praying somehow all will remain smooth till a planned caesarean in Feb 2013. As for my thyroid issues, it’s under control for this pregnancy and doctor said we will deal with the rest after baby is born. Right now, we are praying No. 2 will not be affected by the medication that I am taking now. As all parents’ wishes are:  we only want the baby to be healthy.

Aside from all above and the festive holiday mood , I was somewhat affected by a shocking news I received today. A long time dear friend was diagnosed of a late stage rare cancer and is suffering from it now. No words can describe what I believing she is going through now. We are similar in age and it’s disheartening to hear that there might be no cure; just trying all means to prolong the time for her. As a mother, I felt strongly for her and her young infant and family. Life is so unpredictable; so fragile sometimes…

I am thankful for our years of friendship and praying hard for her to survive this ordeal; praying for a miracle; a fulfilling long life for her. If you are reading this, my dear friend – know that you are very much-loved and cherished. It’s not easy; but please hold on to hope; will be cheering and supporting you.

“When you go through deep waters, I will be with you.

When you go through rivers of difficulty, you will not drown.

When you walk through the fire of oppression, you will not be burned up; the flames will not consume you.”

Isaiah 43:2 (NIV)

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