My fellow comrade – Mdm Tan – came visiting last week with the her family and boy – Yuan Hao. Our families shared a story with many similarities and thus it felt like a big reunion when we “reunite” again. This time round, the setting is different. Instead of lying down and talking across our hospital beds; we were sitting at our dinning table, sharing baby stories and carrying our “trophies” victoriously. 🙂 Both our sons are growing healthily and had came a long way from their low birth weights.


It was definitely a happy sight; one that we were hoping to see ever since our encounter at KKH some 7 to 8 months back! Mdm Tan was so sweet and excited that she bought 2 new identical rompers for our boys. Photo-taking is definitely a must for this “historical and special” day. Poor boys – Hao and Xi En – were so sleepy but we still changed them into the rompers and embarked on our photo taking session.


Some moments of the day:




hao & xi en 2

Xi En on the left and Hao on the right (getting restless)



hao & xi en1

Hao dozing off.. come on turn your head to the center

hao & xi en 3

why are you forcing me to take a photo?! Wahhhha!!!!!!!!!

Xi En & Yuan Hao 1

Hao is now on the left and Xi En is on the right. Not much help though! haa.. 🙂

xi en & yuan hao 3

Xi En: Hao, don't cry already. So loud - must cover my ears. Hao: Whaaa!! I don't want! Whaaa!!

xi en & yuan hao 4

Xi En: Now that's a good boy, Hao. 🙂 Hao: Hee.. as long as I have my pacificer, you can do whatever you want. 😉

xi en & hao 6

Finally - one good shot of the boys holding hands!

xi en & yuan hao 5

side profiles

xi en & yuan hao 6

Ok. That's enough. We wanna sleep!

We also had some group photos:



group photo 2

the mummies ("swapping" sons)

group photo 3

the mummies with the "right" sons now. 🙂

group photo 4

the grannies

group photo 1

One group photo to end the day

Indeed it was good to see Mdm Tan and her family/son  again. It was really a nostalgic feeling; recalling how we braved the complications together; sharing stories of how many blood tests we both have to do per week, how many scans, how many ctg readings, how high are our amniotic fluid,which doctors are better and etc etc etc… Not forgetting how we shared durians in an attempt to increase our babies’ weight too! God is good to us both! 🙂



Is he ok?

That is the question I had been asked ever since Ethen came home. Well… I will always say “yes” – he is ok. 🙂

He looks perfectly normal and behaves just like a new born baby; fussing for milk when he is hungry, crying when he wants his diapers changed and whining when he wants a cuddle.

When Ethen was born, his primary diagnoses are one A4 page long. He had almost every imaginable problems a preemie could have. Thank God when he was discharged, the remaining existing conditions went down to 1/3 A4 page. 🙂 However, he is still battling with a few issues – e.g, a small hole in the heart and grade 1 IVH. – just to name a few. He is also on vitamins, iron and protein on every other feeds.

vitamins n etc

extra goodies with milk!


Ethen also has a long list of follow up appointments with KKH doctors – from the dietician to the ear doctor to the eye doctor to the physiotherapist to the heart doctor to the neonatologist – the list goes on…. Basically he will be officially“discharged” only when he is 8 years old according to KKH’s policy for preemies with VLBW (very low birth weight).

So – is he ok? Yes – ok to be home with us. 🙂 He just need extra TLC and time to grow out of his remaining issues. 🙂



I am 3.9kg and 52cm now! 🙂





I shared about my fellow “comrade” during my stay at the hospital (KKH). Patient T – more commonly known as Madam Tan – went through a very similar predicament as me. Right now it is comforting to know that both our babies are growing strong and healthy.

Some interesting similarities that bonded the friendship between both families (adapted in English from Mdm Tan’s blog):


  1. Both of us were pregnant with our first baby boy.
  2. Both of us had burst water bag between 21 to 23 weeks of gestation and were admitted into the same ward with beds facing each other.
  3. Both of us love to hide behind our curtains in the ward; eating durians! 😛 (because we heard that durians will help our babies put on weight! But clearly this old wives’ tale didn’t work for me!)
  4. Both of us have loving hubbies who came to the hospital after work everyday without fail to visit us. Both hubbies bear all things in silence; willingly and lovingly supported us throughout the entire pregnancy in the hospital. 🙂
  5. Both of us have mothers who are super-women! Both mothers will go to the hospital everyday; bringing healthy home-cooked food which we readily shared among both families.
  6. Amazingly – both of us gave birth to our sons at gestational week 31+ 1 day!
  7. Both our babies were born in July – Xi En was born on 31st July and Yuan Hao was born on 13th July. Think about it.. rare to come by 2 dates who are opposite digits within the same month!


So many coincidences (or God-incidences to us) have created an invisible bonding between both families. It is also probably because no one will understand better than a fellow “comrade” who went through the same “suffering”. I am thankful for Mdm Tan because she had taught me resilience and in the midst of “darkness”; we supported each other. 🙂

Both of us can definitely see this friendship continuing to our sons’ generation!


Xi En & Yuan Hao